TekniScience supplies centrifuges from micro-centrifuges to continuous flow centrifuges (CEPA).

Heraeus and Fresco refrigerated and non-refrigerated Low and High-Speed Centrifuges are available and are used mainly in the areas of research, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, as well as clinical research.

Heraeus centrifuges come in various models and allow you to work with microliters, 200, 400 and 750 ml, microplates, and T-Flask. Cell washer centrifuges are available for clinical research applications such as cell culture and blood banks. Heraeus Benchtop centrifuges may reach a speed of close to 30,000 g. High capacity low speed centrifuges are available for cell culture and are ideal for deepwell plates or molecular applications.

For Laboratory and Industrial Processing , TekniScience supplies CEPA High-Speed Centrifuges for high performance continuous flow. CEPA centrifuges are designed for cell harvesting and clarifying to separations of chemicals, foods, blood and pharmaceuticals. Ruggedly built in a range of sizes, CEPA centrifuges provide an efficient, cost-effective technology for research through production applications. CEPA centrifuges efficiently separate from one to several thousand liters of biological cultures and other mixtures. For extremely high solid concentrations, drum centrifuges can be supplied for high performance separations.