Fermentors / Bioreactors / Incubator Shakers / Incubators

TekniScience supplies fermentors and bioreactors for research through production.

Fermentors are available from one- to 3000-liter capacities to grow e.coli, pitchia and yeasts. Fermentors may be used in anaerobic and aerobic cultures. They can be S.I.P., C.I.P. and is autoclavable.

Bioreactors are suitable for mammalian, animal, plant, algae and insect cell cultures. Bioreactors are autoclavable and S.I.P.

In order to inoculate your fermentor or bioreactor, you will need Incubator shakers.

In terms of stackable incubator shakers, TekniScience offers Innova 44 and 42 models. For non stackable incubator shakers, we provide Innova 43 – a console model – as well as benchtop incubator shakers and state of the art regular open air shakers.

TekniScience also offers CO2 incubators - Galaxy brand model Rand S. This model is a dry wall CO2 incubator on which O2 may be controlled. Galaxy CO2 incubators are available with direct heat HEPA filters and 4- or 8-split inner glass door options.